Was NamesCon 2020 Any Good?

NamesCon was more than worth it!

As many readers are aware, I’ve been traveling around the world these past couple of weeks. There’s nothing quite like being away for fourteen days and having only eleven nights accommodation to cause you to question your own sanity about the endeavor. Despite my lack of hotels I managed to jet into Austin and take in the conference that launches the industry each year…..NamesCon!


After checking into the conference hotel, I felt like I was welcoming a long-lost friend as I collapsed on the glorious, soft, wonderful bed. There’s one thing you discover when traveling fifty thousand kilometers in a flying tin can, the seats are hard and not that conducive for sleeping. The quilt felt like bliss incarnate as it wrapped around my exhausted body…..but then I remembered that I had a ParkLogic function that night.

It was with some reluctance that I clambered off the bed, got cleaned up and headed to the San Jac saloon for our small get together. It was a great time to meet a group of existing and potentially new clients as both Matt Herbert (also from ParkLogic) and I struggled with our jetlag. At the end of the night I resumed my horizontal position, closed my eyes and entered a deep sleep…..until 4am at least.

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Guest — Ravi
Hi Michael, Good to know that your long trip is a productive and safe one. will be waiting for the presentation... Thanks, Ravi... Read More
06 February 2020
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