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Do You Want to Make Some Money?


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How many times have you heard that question? Each day I’m approached by people trying to sell us poor quality traffic, wanting investments for a new venture or monetisation companies that want me to do a lot of work to integrate their system. The problem is….there are only so many hours in the day….


One of the biggest challenges that I have is how to best rank the various opportunities that come across my plate at ParkLogic. Investment opportunities that don’t have any synergy with what else we are doing are easy to dismiss. The tough ones are those that tick all the boxes.

If we went after all of the great opportunities then we wouldn’t get anything done and worse than that, we’d miss the best opportunities. The question is, “How do we rank an opportunity?”

For me to invest any sort of cash the business must be unbelievably good. The reason for this is that I’m never short on ideas to invest my money into. For me to put my hand into my pocket and invest in someone else’s business means their opportunity beats anything that I could potentially come up with.


In terms of traffic sellers…..well, we’ve recently built a pretty advanced quality checking platform that beats anything else we’ve tried. Due to most traffic of this nature being highly questionable we’re very likely to test the traffic quality and nine times out of ten we’ll pass on the opportunity.

It seems like every other day there’s a new monetisation company trying to claim they have the best advertisers in the world. All of them want good quality traffic for their awesome advertisers. What this category of opportunity needs to appreciate is that our existing partnerships are doing really well and for us to spend time and resources integrating a new advertising network can be costly.

The biggest issue for us is that many of the new players in this space don’t have the quality controls to stop the malware advertisers from essentially hijacking the feed. We don’t want anything to do with this type of advertising so don’t be surprised if we only dip our toes into the water at first, so we can test the quality of the advertisers.

So yes, I do like making money but ultimately it will NEVER be at the expense of any clients or long-term goals we may have. This means if you want to do business with us then make sure you put your best foot forward the first time……and don’t be surprised if we take our time conducting our own due diligence on whatever you are offering.

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Tuesday, 11 December 2018
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