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ICANN 63 - Barcelona

20181028_icu2 Kevin, Lars and Michael showing off ICU

ICANN finished a few days ago and I've finally got the energy to write a few thoughts down about it. I must admit that it does help that I'm now on vacation in Provence, France....

In terms of business, ICANN was gruelling. After stepping off the plane on the Saturday I literally had back-to-back meetings from early in the morning until late at night. For me, each day at ICANN is becoming much more like NamesCon with a continuous stream of excellent meetings followed by a quick sleep.

Of course, it’s always good to catch-up with friends. Many of the relationships go back more than a decade and it’s a privilege to know people of the calibre of many of them. I remarked that one of the great things about the domain industry is that not matter which city in the world I happen to be in there is always a person I can have dinner with.

One of the strange things about ICANN is that it’s almost completely unaware of the domain investment community or at the best views it with a bit of distain. What all of the registrars and registries need to understand is that domain investors underspin the entire eco-system…..that’s the drum that I beat over and over again anyway.

It was really good catching up with Lars and Kevin from ICU. I love to two guys…they have such a passion that I’m sure that they could make just about anything work as an extension. It just so happens that they are successfully pushing ICU with already 100,000 registrations to its.

This brings up an important point. When investing in a business you’re not just investing in an idea, your investing in the people. Lar and Kevin (plus the others) are a great team that are making ICU work compared to the myriad of other extensions that are in the process of failing. In fact, their mindset reminds me a lot of the .CLUB team.

So was travelling all the way to ICANN worth it? Yes it was but like every conference that I attend the proof will unfold across the next few years. Relationships take time to develop and I’m sure that in the years ahead that the bonds between ParkLogic and many of our new clients will continue to strengthen.

I should mention that I’m on vacation for the next couple of weeks….I’ll post when I can…..

The Roman Business Juggernaut
Leaving on a Jet Plane...

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Thursday, 09 July 2020
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