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ParkLogic Next - Part 2


Part 1 in the series on the new ParkLogic Next platform covered a number of the innovations that have been built into the new platform. In this article, I'm highlighting some of the new features in the client interface that greatly assist in managing a domain portfolio.


On top of the revolutionized backend the ParkLogic team have poured a huge amount of effort into providing a client interface that is full of invaluable easily accessible information. The ultimate goal is to make downloading statistics into Excel a thing of the past. Right in the interface, clients can sort, filter and manipulate their domain traffic data…..but of course, CSV files will always be available.

The dashboard provides a slider for expanded viewing of date ranges and you can even drop trend lines right on a chart. At a click of a button, any data in a graph can be instantly displayed in the table below. It’s all about making the data both accessible and actionable.

Daily chart

You can also drill down into domains to get access to some of the nitty-gritty data that can reveal some hidden value about its performance. Some of the data available includes; which geo-region traffic is hitting the domain from, what operating system, what language is the browser, what are the referrers and what the traffic is looking for.

Geo Region data

The entire Next interface has been constructed via a very extensive API. This means anyone can take the ParkLogic API documentation and embed an interface into their own applications or even build specific unique reports for themselves. This takes white-labelling of the platform to the next level and provides a previously unheard-of level of customisation.

This means large portfolio owners, registrars and hosting companies can very quickly integrate the powerful Next capabilities into their own internal systems. Everything from being able to view account, portfolio and domain level data statistics through to geo-data and languages are instantly accessible.

We are really pleased with the speed of the interface and the existing functionality. Now that we can focus solely on Next there will be a lot more reports and more new features released on an ongoing basis for clients.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to those people that have been trying to sign-up to get onto Next. Word got out about some of the results we are achieving and we’ve been swamped with applications…..we are working our way through them.

We typically look for domain investors that are doing at least $250 per month in traffic revenue. A portfolio doing this level of revenue allows the Next algorithms to really impact the bottom line. I should also say that we do not approve all applications as we are very strict about ensuring only high-quality domain traffic is on the ParkLogic network. This approach helps keep the payout rates at the maximum levels for all clients.

As well as providing a suite of analytic tools Next is backed by a team of professionals that have a total of over 80 years of experience in the domain industry. We’ve found from experience that it’s not just technology but also the art that comes from experience that helps us achieve the best results.

Please don’t hesitate to contact either myself or meet with one of our representatives at the upcoming Merge conference.

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Friday, 21 February 2020
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