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Saturday Musings - Reaching a Goal


During this past week I watched my wife, Roselyn, cross the finishing line of a thirty-kilometre charity walk. I was incredibly proud of her achievement as it was the culmination of a large amount of sacrifice, hard work and dedication.


I remember when Roselyn first told me that she would like raise funds to save people’s eyesight by participating in the CoastTrek charity walk. Once the decision was made she quickly developed a laser focus to her achieve the goal.

Goals are amazing things. They can inspire us to new heights as we stretch the boundaries of what we thought was possible. To be worthwhile, goals need to be big and audacious! They are also personal.

For example, if an Olympic marathon runner signed up for the thirty-kilometre walk they would probably view it as a bit of a warm up. What they need to inspire them is something much longer over as short a time as possible. In the case of my wife, she’d never done anything like this before and for her it was definitely BIG!

It’s all very well setting a goal, but you need to put the work in to achieve it. I watched as Roselyn diligently put the hours and hours in to train for the walk. Nothing got in her way, rain, hail or sunshine (quite literally - she trained in all conditions). In fact, I couldn’t even convince her to have a break and come on an overseas trip with me!

Having a goal is a great way to inspire you to greatness but at some stage you have to do the hard work. During this time you’ll discover a lot of things about yourself as you push through adversity and overcome obstacles.

In this world of celebrity, the media often focuses on the outcomes, the achievement and the victories. What they don’t show you is the huge amount of work those people put into to reach their goal.

The photo above was of a very tired wife who achieved what she set out to do. Raise funds for the charity and complete the walk. When you finally reach whatever goal, you have set for yourself don’t forget to celebrate.

You will often find there were a lot of people around you that were supporting you along your journey. They are the ones that provided you a shoulder to cry on, an appropriate word to inspire you forward or even a kick up the rear-end to keep you moving.

They are the ones that saw the pain, the sacrifice and the dedication you made to reach your goal. This means you have one last task to do. Go and celebrate your achievement with these people as they are true friends in your life. Speaking of which….I think Roselyn is calling me now ?

Have a great weekend!

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Monday, 21 January 2019
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