Saturday Musings - Order in the Midst of Chaos

There was a knock at the front door and sure enough a smiling Irishman greeted me in his paint flecked overalls. He was here to paint the interior of the house and modernise the look a little.

What I didn’t really comprehend was the level of disruption that we would all experience as the furniture was dragged to the middle of each room.

So after a couple of days’ work, Roselyn (my wife) and I looked at the colour on the walls and decided we didn’t like it. This is despite the incredible number of sample pots of paint that we splashed against the walls.

We could have stayed with the colour and grumbled for the next ten years of our lives but today we made the decision to cut our losses and get something more to our taste rather than the tastes of some potential buyer at some point in the future. Sometimes you just have to say, “No, I just don’t like that.”

While this was all going on I’ve been getting back on the tools and writing some pretty awesome code for a new project. There’s nothing quite like the inspiration of paint fumes to fan the juices of creativity and inspiration.

I enjoy coding for a number of reasons and foremost is I have a personal belief that if a company founder in our industry really understands what’s going on at that level then they can ultimately bring better results to customers. I also find there’s something strangely beautiful and calming about a project materialising one line of code at a time. It’s all about seeing a vision come to fruition out of the chaos of the data right before your eyes.

It many respects, coding is like our Irish painter working on our house. By themselves, each brushstroke would look like a patchwork mess but combined they form the basis of a beautiful environment to live in.

Running an online business or domain investment portfolio is similar to painting as well. Each click that brings a customer, an interaction on your website or a dollar of revenue is what makes the canvas of your business so great and at times, all consuming. Tweaking advertising expenditure, portfolio mixes and deal structures is what makes you get up in the morning, pick up your brush and add some colour to your ventures.

Which reminds me, I think that I’d better get back to my own canvas with some new inspiration! Have a great weekend!

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