What Are You Doing With Your Time?

Time is often viewed as the ultimate commodity but is it? Other than our last day on this planet we all have exactly the same minutes in the day as each other. It’s my birthday today and I find myself thinking about what I’m doing with my allotted minutes and whether I’m doing the right things with them.


Iin an interview at NamesCon I passed on a number of things that I do before and after the conference to maximise the use of my time. I have a mental image of it costing me about $100 per hour whether I’m asleep or awake to attend a conference. This means I’d better be very careful with how I allocate my time.

I like to have a mixture of meetings at an event like NamesCon. Some will be with existing partners and clients while others will be with people I’ve never met before and potential relationships. The goal is to have a meaningful conversation with each person and to make the best use of my time.

In the end I averaged 18 scheduled meetings each day and had countless other spontaneous discussions during the evening or walking up and down the lonnnnnggggg hallway. The conference was a huge success for my company, ParkLogic, with many more people coming onto the new Next platform.

This is great for a conference but what about now I’m back home? What do I do with my time and how do I keep a sense of balance?

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Happy late Birthday, Michael. Hope your day was a nice relaxing one. I would have added that you need some Me time with just you ... Read More
16 February 2018
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